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by She Came to Quit

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Retribution 02:17
I’m just one step down, done digging a hole in the ground so i can make them pay yes i do believe, in turning the other cheek but not today Because i’ ve got the remedy ,you know i got the remedy No more tolerating these degrading ways I’ll get even and they will pay Cause there’s only misery ,in seeing you suffer this way Time for long due repairs Because i’ve got the remedy ,you know i got the remedy For some wrongs there’s only one way to go That’s retribution
Pills 03:13
Pills, pills for peace Bills payed ,bills payed please Buy more thrills ,more please Take more cause high does please But it s a highway robbery of your own sanity and it ‘s costly hold-upin’ your longevity rep 2 x Pills, pills for peace Get dosed in order to please Tamed ,tamed dissent please Subdued masses please But it’s a highway robbery of our morality and it’s costly hold-upin’ our own liberty rep 2 x
Man up! 02:56
Come down/ behave/ sit down/ stay put/ shut up/ grow up/ be strong/man up repeat 4 x man up x 16 I don’t know what i did to deserve you, i’m so ashamed of you why can’t you do as you‘re told, I wish you’d never been born shut up i’m sick of your shit, suck it up and toughen up stop crying like a bleep sissy, make a man of yourself Be brave/ be tough/ get along/ stop whining/ settle down/ don’t cry/ carry on/ man up repeat 4 x be sensitive/ reprogram/ be creative/ don’t belong/ be vulnerable/ loose control/ be a pacifist/ don’t perform/ be cerebral/ misbehave/ kill your ego/ don’t conform man up 16x
I wanted you in this world so i made you join me i know the skies held on to you but i promised everything now i’m sorry but i‘ll have to admit that it ‘s a broken promise now cause hope was still here when you came there’s only half this world now and now it all come down, to what we’re willing to risk I see /the land and trees and animals bleeding I feel/ i can ear a thousand species suffering I fear/this dream i had has became a nightmare I ear/the alarm is ringing but there‘s no one moving repeat verse one and now it‘s all sinking down, so i think you better learn swimming I see/that the house is burning down but we’re the only ones screaming I feel/there’s a desperate need for taking action I fear/that the future has shifted from a promise to a life threat I ear/that the storm is coming in and it comes in raging before it all goes down, i’m telling you that things better start bleep changing ,not gonna let them put you six feet deep, might as well be killed while i’m standing fighting!
Sneaky 02:58
Red code 03:06
 hate these sordid ways, it’s feeding on fear now Seen it all blown up in a haze As if they slayed future in a blaze Makes no sense now to see you smile I see death lurking in your eyes You’re breaking in tears now It all died somehow Let’s reminisce about the good old days And find it all died from our ways Take my hand we’ll find a hideaway Get you safe for another day Red code, again Red code, my friend I hate those sordid ways, it’s feeding on fear now Diversity becomes an enemy Enforces the mold to sympathy A paranoid mind makes you blind If they want the world, then the world can die The war is on again, they’ll fight until the end Seeing bodies falling all around cherished ones are now underground Guess I’ll have to disobey Hand grenade , end this misery Red code again, red code my friend Red code impends, red code dead end


Benoit on drums, Kevin on bass, Phillipe on Keys and mixing, Rascal on vox and guitar


released March 29, 2019

This album was recorded/engineered by Peter Edwards and Cristobal Urbina at the indica studios facility during winter time 2019 and mixed/mastered by Philippe Racine at his studio
All tracks composed by She Came to Quit




She Came to Quit Montreal, Québec

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